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Red Streams Blue

BVA was recently awarded grants to implement projects from the Red Streams Blue Restoration Plans See Radley Run and Plum Run Streams for details.

What is the Red Streams Blue Program?

  • Our map shows the streams that do not meet water quality standards in red. Blue streams meet the standards.

  • The goal of the Red Streams Blue Program is to ensure that all streams in the Brandywine Watershed meet PA water quality standards.

Why is the Red Streams Blue Program so important?

  • The Brandywine Creek is the drinking water source for much of Chester County as well as Wilmington, Delaware.

  • The Brandywine Creek provides recreation for many residents, including fishing kayaking and swimming.

  • The Brandywine Creek and its tributaries provide habitat and natural corridors for wildlife.

  • The beauty of the Brandywine Watershed is an important natural resource.

How will we make Red Streams Blue?

  • Identify the impaired segments and reasons for impairment

  • Develop a Restoration Plan to identify possible area for improvements

  • Select projects to be undertaken based on cost, impact and priority

  • Build partnerships within the restoration area

  • Identify funding sources

  • Complete restoration projects


Help us make a Red Stream.....

Ways to Help Us Make Red Streams Blue

  • Join the BVA: Become one of 900 members who are helping to restore and protect this priceless resource

  • Become a Watershed Steward: Learn how to take better care of these natural resources and how you can make a difference

  • Join an Environmental Stream Team: These are your neighbors, all volunteers, who work together to monitor stream water quality

  • Enjoy the Brandywine Creek and its watershed: This is the payoff of the Red Streams Blue Program






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