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Watershed Education
 Learn it. Live it. Share it.


What is a Watershed?

A watershed is the drainage area for a certain body of water. Imagine a drop of water falling from the sky. That drop falls on a hill. It will flow down the hill. Eventually, that drop of water will end up at the point of lowest elevation. See it animated. The drop could then infiltrate into the ground or flow into a body of water, in our case, the Brandywine Creek. Either way, the drop has drained into the Brandywine Creek watershed. The Brandywine Creek flows into the Christina River, which eventually flows into the Delaware River, which then drains into the Atlantic Ocean. This means that we all live in more than one watershed. If you live in the Brandywine watershed, you also live in the Christina watershed, the Delaware watershed AND the Atlantic watershed!

Watch this short video: Your Watershed   (This video is an .avi file.  If you prefer to watch the YouTube version, please click play below.)

What is Watershed Education?

Watershed education is an interdisciplinary way to explore issues of local significance. Since watersheds are delineated by topography, and not political boundaries (state, county, township lines), this type of education fosters natural connections between people, places and all of the living and nonliving things that interact to create the communities (both natural and societal) in which we live.

Did you ever wonder…  

Who were the Lenape and what did they eat?

What’s the history of that old mill down the road?

Where does your drinking water come from?

When did scientists first notice the changes in local amphibian populations?

Why do some farmers create contour strips in their fields?

How do roads impact water quality?
Learning the answers is about taking a holistic approach to discovering the
who, what, where, when, why AND how!
This is watershed education!  

The mission of the Brandywine Valley Association’s education programs is to educate watershed residents in the Brandywine Valley through meaningful experiences, with an emphasis on hands-on field activities, that demonstrate the interconnectedness of living organisms and the watershed on which they rely.



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